Meet the Team

Karmushu Kiama

Lodge Manager

Karmushu started at Lewa Wilderness over thirteen years ago as a spotter. He then worked his way up to be a walking guide, then a driver guide, and then he became head guide at Wilderness. He has now been hosting at the lodge for over seven years. His home is just outside the conservancy, so he has grown up knowing Lewa as a very special place. He developed a passion for wildlife as a young Maasai boy watching his family’s cows out in the bush, and the elders in his community trained him as a tracker.

Karmushu enjoys sharing his knowledge of nature, bush skills and the traditional Maasai culture. He lives here at Wilderness with his lovely wife, Fatuma, and their four children, but he still goes home to his cows and his family in a nearby village.

Abbie Ireland

Lodge Manager

Abbie joined the Lewa Wilderness team in December 2015. Prior to moving to Kenya she'd spent 7 years arranging tailor-made holidays at some of the UK’s most renowned tour operators, including Audley Travel and Abercrombie & Kent, where she gained invaluable experience working with clients and catering for their every travel need.

Whilst her travels have taken her to far flung corners of the world, Africa has always drawn her back for her love of wildlife. She has volunteered at game reserves in South Africa, trekked with the gorillas and chimps in Uganda, explored the Tanzanian coastline and has scuba-dived off the coast of Zanzibar. Abbie is happy to be back in Africa working as lodge manager at Lewa Wilderness.

The Guides

Our Team

From left to right:

Supukia – camel and walking guide who has worked here for over 10 years
Mwangi – driver guide who has worked here for over 16 years
Francis – has been here for 7 years, first working as a waiter and now trained as a driver guide
Kilai – has been with the Craigs for over 40 years and is our resident bird expert
Simon – our Head Guide, who came here as an intern in 2008, is qualified as a Silver guide and studying for his Gold
Mungai – driver guide who has worked here for over 26 years